What Wedding Boot Camp at Equilibrium Means To Me

JessieI am not much of a words person. I have always expressed myself through other forms of art. But being that I am the bride to be and the spotlight is undeniably on me I have decided to write down a few words for the barrechatblog!

Over the past two years Equilibrium has become a big part of my life, or as many would say, has become my life. I work hard at trying to promote the studio and bring in new clients and keep current clients happy. In addition to the studio marketing I have been running the STOTT PILATES training program. On the side I teach about an average of 8 Xtend Barre classes a week.

During my Xtend Barre classes I am in my happy place. I am able to take that deep breathe during the warm up and truly not think about anything except kicking some serious Barre Booty for the rest of class. I love teaching Barre. I love the music and the tempo. The beat drives an electric energy that helps me take my clients and myself to the next level. I have amazing clients and I care about making a difference in their lives. For 55 minutes I have the power and pleasure to create a stress free and FUN environment. I need these classes just as much, probably more, than every client in there.

My wedding is 5 months away and I am trying desperately to “calm down” in every area of my life. I am so excited about my wedding but the planning of it can get a bit overwhelming. I am a detail oriented, indecisive, high anxiety, always busy individual so as you can imagine I am in need of a serious Boot Camp to keep me in line during this special time in my life. Teaching Barre is my own version of Wedding Boot Camp. It keeps me in shape physically but more importantly mentally and for that I am so grateful!


  1. Susan Wilhelmi Paquette says:

    Jessie, I have yet to smile from the storm of your barre class, but I’ve heard the tales in the burbs. All good, I assure you. By sharing your personal experience, you’ve partially diffused my fears about walking into a barre class. Thank you. Enjoy the wedding planning, as it really IS fun. Stress is for those other people.

    • OOPS.. we were so late in responding as WORDPRESS was hiding some comments. Thanks for sharing that and we hope to meet you at the barre.

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