Religion of Motivation

inspirational quotesNot proud to confess that I read People magazine on airplanes during every takeoff.  I am forced to read a magazine because the FAA doesn’t allow me to read my Kindle during the only stressful time of the flight. You know the drill from the flight attendants; if it has an on/off switch, turn it off.

Please don’t remind me that I could be reading the Economist or Atlantic Monthly.  I simply don’t find those mindless enough for takeoffs or landings.

I love reading People Magazines Mail Bag, or commonly called “letters to the editor.”

This post is dedicated to Michelle Altenhoof Carlsblod, CA.

Michelle wrote a letter to People in response to her favorite issue, the yearly Half Size issue. She credits the Half Size issue of People with helping her   “maintain her size 2 figure year after year.”

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