Ode to Charlene

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith today being Mother’s Day, I thought it was time to give barrechat readers an introduction to Charlene…For those of you who haven’t figured out who Charlene is, she is my mother. She is somewhat of a character. She is loud, opinionated, swears like a truck driver, over reacts in almost every situation, and worst of all, she is a republican (although she claims to be independent).

You see, Charlene and I have an interesting relationship. Even though we live 600 miles apart, we are very close. I talk to my mom EVERY day. I check in with her at least once a day and if I don’t, she is pretty much convinced I’m dead in a gutter. People ask me, “What do you guys talk about if you talk every day?!?” Well… the answer is we chat about everything and anything. Everything is up for “discussion” with Charlene. Here is a typical conversation between us:
Charlene: “When are you having another baby?”
Me: “Mom!”
Charlene: “Well are you guys at least trying yet?”
Me: “Mom! Will you stop.”
Charlene: “You better get to it…let me talk to my son-in-law”
Kevin: “Hi Charlene”
Charlene: “You better give her a couple glasses of wine tonight so you two can work on making babies.”

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