Bill Maher, Can We Be #34?

bill-maherI didn’t think I would ever write another blog about twitter but something happened this morning. You know that Barrechat girls do not follow endless fitness and health gurus. For obvious reasons. Read our description.

You know that we like to laugh.  So this morning I started following Bill Maher. I was hopelessly in love with Bill Maher until I saw the tweet from Donald Trump @ realdonaldtrump:  everyone should cancel HBO until they fire low life dummy Bill Maher. Forget love; I adore Bill Maher. I hate Bill Maher haters.

Could not help but notice that two million people follow Bill Maher and he only follows 33. He is incredibly selective and super critical about who he follows. Would he ever follow barrechat? For reasons other than my unrequited adoration? With only 33 people to analyze can I find an algorithm to his picks?

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Is TWITTER Smarter Than Me?

barrechat-twitter-followIf you are reading this you know barrechat is a new blog.  After blog secured we secure   Twitter and Facebook barrechat account so we can annoy the hell out of our followers.

When I signed into barrechats twitter account for the first time a popup said ‘suggested people to follow”

See  screenshot so that we are both on the same page.

Who chose these people for barrechat?  A quick glance and it was scary.

Starbucks?  Do they see our studio Credit  Card?

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“Oh hell no!” Moment – Cheetah Print Bikini

cheetah-bikiniYou always hear about people having their “Ah Ha!” moment-  celebs on E! gushing about how they had this “epiphany”. How now their life has suddenly become clear and they new insight and perspective on life. In my 31 living years, I can say I’ve had a handful of life changing moments- but they never brought this magical clarity to my life- in fact they made it more complicated. I’ve never had an “Ah Ha” moment, but I can tell you I have definitely had a “Oh Hell No!” moment…..

Last January, my husband and I decided we were going to plan a trip to Mexico and leave Charlotte with my parents for the week. For those of you that have kids, you know that a vacation without kids is like a gift from the gods. I immediately starting online shopping for some new beach duds, a new swim suit was definitely in order. Here was the thing, I still was carrying around some baby weight, so wearing a bikini was not really an option. So I ordered the two cutest one-piece suits I could find.

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Definition of barre-chat

barre·chat (noun) [ bahr·chat ] – informal conversation characterized by anecdotal facts about life which may completely ignore research or hard evidence: “my thighs were the main subject of barrechat today.”

barre·chat (verb) [ bahr·chat ] – talking in an informal way at the bar, the barre, or while wearing fitness clothing: “they barrechatted as soon as they left class”


Welcome to barrechat!