“Oh hell no!” Moment – Cheetah Print Bikini

cheetah-bikiniYou always hear about people having their “Ah Ha!” moment-  celebs on E! gushing about how they had this “epiphany”. How now their life has suddenly become clear and they new insight and perspective on life. In my 31 living years, I can say I’ve had a handful of life changing moments- but they never brought this magical clarity to my life- in fact they made it more complicated. I’ve never had an “Ah Ha” moment, but I can tell you I have definitely had a “Oh Hell No!” moment…..

Last January, my husband and I decided we were going to plan a trip to Mexico and leave Charlotte with my parents for the week. For those of you that have kids, you know that a vacation without kids is like a gift from the gods. I immediately starting online shopping for some new beach duds, a new swim suit was definitely in order. Here was the thing, I still was carrying around some baby weight, so wearing a bikini was not really an option. So I ordered the two cutest one-piece suits I could find.

A few days later, the package arrived. I promptly opened it, held up my new merchandise, and said “Oh hell no!” I mean, really, what was I thinking? Was I really turning into one of those women who was going to wear a swim suit with a SKIRT? Sure, there was a “plunging” neckline, but this swim suit was not sexy by an means. Yes, I am a mom, but it doesn’t mean I need to stop looking good, right? It was in that moment that I decided I needed to do something IMMEDIATELY. I was done wearing post-partum jeans and flowing blouses. I decided that I was done carrying around that baby weight, as well as those few extra pounds I was carrying around before I even got pregnant. I mean, I worked at a Pilates studio, I needed to stop making excuses. I was surrounded by workout equipment and beautiful, inspirational bodies on a daily basis. I work with women old enough to be my mom who have bodies that most 25 year old’s dream of having; if that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is….

I opened my computer and typed www.victoriassecret.com into my browser. I started browsing the bikinis. I saw a really cute cheetah print bikini and thought “why not? It will be great motivation.” In the shopping bag it went. Then I saw a string bikini that was on super sale- now I was really pushing my luck, but I had a couple of glasses of wine so I was feeling brave.

Excuse my french, but shit got real over the next few months. I started going to classes 3 days a week- Xtend twice a week, and Body conditioning once a week. I also used my baby jogger as much as possible and that thing is no joke. I got a workout just carrying the thing up to my door step. About two weeks in, I was chatting with instructor Liz and  I mistakenly told her how I had purchased a cheetah print bikini for my vacation and how I wanted to look good in it- let’s be honest, anyone can wear a bikini, but looking good is a whole other thing. Wrong thing to tell Liz. She made sure that during every class, and I mean EVERY class, she mentioned my cheetah print bikini. Every plank, every tricep press, every fold-over series, she would say “Getting Martina ready for that cheetah print bikini”. I mean, every client who came to the 9am class in 2012 knew about my bikini. Let me tell you, I worked hard, real hard. I should also mention that I cleaned up my diet- but I’ll get into my breakup with sugar at some other time.

OK, so I’ll get to the punch line because by now, your wondering, did she wear the damn cheetah print bikini?

Why yes, I did. AND the string bikini too! My body is not perfect by any means, trust me.

It’s a work in progress, but hell, even Michelangelo took YEARS to complete each masterpiece. So I figure I’m right on track. Anyways, the moral of the story is I felt really good wearing my bikini. I worked hard to get there and for the first time in my life, I finally felt comfortable in my own skin.


  1. To hell with bikinis

  2. Great Martina ! Go Ahead !

  3. Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend fiuirgng this one out!

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