Is TWITTER Smarter Than Me?

barrechat-twitter-followIf you are reading this you know barrechat is a new blog.  After blog secured we secure   Twitter and Facebook barrechat account so we can annoy the hell out of our followers.

When I signed into barrechats twitter account for the first time a popup said ‘suggested people to follow”

See  screenshot so that we are both on the same page.

Who chose these people for barrechat?  A quick glance and it was scary.

Starbucks?  Do they see our studio Credit  Card?

Yoko Ono? – Do they know my age and assume she broke my heart when she married John?

Sofia Vergara? I guess we all live on Planet Earth where Modern Family continues to win the Emmy for best comedy on TV. Do they know I am addicted to TV?

Oprah Winfrey? This is tricky.  She pays for a school in Africa and I mentor at a school in Harlem?  I hate quick fixes and motivational quotes and she is the queen of both and they suggested her to annoy me?

Jennifer Lopez?  I am stumped.  I sell exercise but always with the disclaimer that Pilates won’t give you a Jennifer Lopez body unless you are Jennifer Lopez.  It was posted on Facebook years ago but maybe they are the smartest company in the world?

Kevin Hart? Can’t be relevant to my life if I had to use Google to find out “who is Kevin Hart”  I will ask the other barrechat ladies.  Found him. He is a comedienne and we call ourselves irreverent. Did twitter make that connection?

LA LA?   Alani Vazquez Anthony (born June 25, 1979), better known as La La, is an American actress, radio disc jockey, and television personality.  6 degrees of separation?  I used to be passionate about pro-basketball.  A tremendous Piston fan.  Isaas Thomas was a superstar and friend.  He coached the New York Knicks. La La is married to Carmelo Anthony?  Carmelo plays for the Knicks?

Katy Perry? As of October 2012, Perry’s Twitter account (@katyperry) is the third most popular celebrity account behind that of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, with over 30 million followers and Twitter aims to inspire barrechat to follow her success? She was married to a comedienne? She was born in the year between Martina and Jessie?

Lady Gaga? See Katy Perry above.   When in NYC my neighborhood diner is the Westside Diner which used to be hers until her parents opened a restaurant on the upper west side?  She and Jessie were born in 1986?

Barack Obama?  Being a devote conspiricist I know that twitter and everyone else knows my politics?  They know I am a  devout Obama supporter who drove to Ohio during two elections to get out the vote for my Barack Obama?

Ellen DeGeneres?  Ellen and Nancy are babyboomers?   Martina loves Ellen and Nancy?   Ellen marches to her own drummer and so do I?

And that’s why I’m not following Twitter’s suggestion for barrechat. With the exception of my Barack Obama.

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