I Hate Lists!

  • I hate lists10 ways to improve your sex life.
  • 15 steps to better skin.
  • 9 ways to improve the manners of your children.
  • 10 ways to travel like a pro.
  • 12 products that will give you perfect hair.
  • 10 decorating tips to update your home.

You get it, right?  Everyone wants to be better, look better, travel better, but why is it so complicated?  Worse, it is a recipe for failure.  So I want to eat healthier and I nail five out of 10 tips so that’s only 50% or a failing grade in school.   Who is writing these lists?  I think they are product or lifestyle salespeople who want us to fail so that they are not out of job.  Have you noticed that these lists appear over and over again in the same places?  If Vogue magazine had the secret to perfect hair, we would all buy the magazine and have perfect hair and never feel the need to read another hair product list. But alas, no one can complete the checklist so they are free to repeat and tweak the list for a future publication.

If I ruled the world I would make very short lists. In fact I am going to begin now by posting one thing a week you can do to improve your life.

Just one thing.  I want you to be successful!  Perfect hair is great but feeling successful is divine.

So this week barrechat is recommending  one tip to improve your happy quotient.  Focus on the word GRATITUDE, and every morning make your first sentence, “I am grateful for…(fill in the blank).

Say it to yourself or out loud.  Don’t overthink the task.  It’s actually not a task.  It’s just a sentence.  Seriously, it can be as simple as I am grateful that I did not wake up at night to go to the bathroom. Or the profound and truthful sentence, I am grateful I woke up in good health.

Do it for one week and let us know the results.

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