Facebook Etiquette

Barrechat’s most recent blog posts fB photoinspired me to write about the use of Facebook and the etiquette involved. You see, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. It is one of those guilty pleasures I indulge in late at night or when I feel like some good old procrastination.

There are some people who annoy me to no end, but I can’t defriend them for the following reasons:

  • I secretly enjoying reading that they are more miserable than me
  • I have a close relationship with the person, co-worker or close friend and I don’t want to hurt their feelings
  • It is my mother and I simply can’t defriend her because what kind of daughter would I be?

Here are the things I absolutely don’t want to see on your newsfeed:
Confessions of undying love. Come on people! Snap out of it! I can’t handle one more person talking about how “amazing” their spouse/significant other is. I mean, it’s okay to give a shout out here and there for birthdays and anniversaries, but do you really need to shout from the roof top how great your husband is because he took out the trash and put the toilet seat down?
Political posts that are hateful and/or are simply not true- this one is for you mom. During the last presidential election I pretty much wanted to defriend everyone on my news feed. What the hell are you thinking people?!?! Just because it is on the internet, does not make it true. Yes, republicans are the worst offenders of this, but democrats, you guys really stooped down to a new low level by hating on ol’mittens. Trust me, I have PLENTY to say, I just don’t think Facebook is the appropriate platform to voice my opinions.
Gross misspellings and misuse of contractions. You know when you are typing in your status update and a little red line pops up under the word you are typing, it means you are spelling it wrong dumb dumb. There is spell check, USE IT. Also, learn the difference between your and you’re and its and it’s. I have facebook friends who went to ivy league schools who make these errors. Blows my mind.
Bragging about things you should be doing in the first place. You don’t get to brag about stuff you are SUPPOSED to be doing. Examples: working out, cleaning your house, grocery shopping, taking care of kids (Dads- I know you think you are doing a good thing, but this is what you signed up for when you made your deposit).

So now that I have brought our my inner-charlene and expressed all of my dislikes, let’s talk about what I enjoy seeing:

Pictures of your kids, dogs, cats, etc. The furrier, the better. Bonus points for getting the kids and the animal in the same picture.
Celeb spottings. No one loves celebrity gossip more than me and I love it when people post that they are at a local establishment and spotted a celeb.
Vacation photos- bonus points if you went somewhere cool. I like to live vicariously thru my FB friends.
Food photos- some people find this weird, but I love it when people post photos of delicious looking food. I love to eat and therefore love too see food. Bonus points if you cooked it yourself.
Good news! I love hearing when people get engaged, married, pregnant, have babies, new jobs, etc.

I won’t be defriending anyone anytime soon, because let’s face it, Facebook allows me to keep tabs on old friends, family, and most importantly, frenimies.

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